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Past Projects

The Bristlecone Project

Wolverine Farm Publick House October 2022

A collaborative arts event featuring dance, photography, music, and poetry.

The Bristlecone Project was started in June of 2020, in the early early days of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We wanted to explore how humans and bristlecones, two of nature’s most adaptable species, found resilience in times of catastrophe. Especially considering that our greatest crisis, climate change, has starting to bear its teeth. As artists, who were greatly impacted by the pandemic, The Bristlecone Project helped us find a way to move forward, without hiding the scars, losses, and mutations we’ve acquired in the process.

Requiem for a River

Presenting Denver Dance Festival June 2022

Freeform Dance Festival October 2022

Celebrating the life of the Danube River, one of the most polluted rivers in Europe. While it is nearly unrecognizable today, Johann Strauss managed to capture its character perfectly in his masterpiece, The Blue Danube.

CKCP Climate Classes

Hannah Kahn Dance Company Studios July 2022

Want to support important environmental work? Great, then come DANCE! 50% of all donations will be donated to a featured environmental non-profit that is focused on climate justice and intersectional environmentalism! (The rest goes toward space rental and supporting future classes).

National Water Dance 2022

April 23, 2022

Livestream on Facebook and Instagram

National Movement Choir bringing awareness to important water issues. Learn more here.

New American Gothic

A Collaboration Between Arts and Agriculture.

September 2021

National Water Dance 2020

April 2020

Site-Specific dance performance, live-streamed in 2020 from Eldorado Canyon State Park in Boulder, CO.

Project Finite

Premiere: November 2019

An environmental dance film seeking to inspire water conservation in Colorado and beyond.

Six Pack

Spring 2020

Suspended due to COVID-19

Let’s build something together.

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