New American Gothic

A Collaboration between Arts and Agriculture.

Food. Community. Dancing. Music. Views.

Welcome to the Farm.

New American Gothic is a unique, one time only event on September 18th from 4-9Pm at MetaCarbon Organic Farm in Longmont, CO. With food fresh from the farm made by Chef Aaron Lande, a dance show by Claire Kendall Creative Projects, live music by Kingdom Jasmine, and a DJ set and dance party by Queen of Air, you’ll get to experience being on a farm like never before.

All proceeds from this event go directly to support artists and sustainable agriculture.

Event Schedule

Plutus and the Discovery of Agriculture

A Puppet Performance by Katie Wiegman

Creation / Design / Lead Puppeteer: Katie Wiegman

Co-Puppeteers: Katy Williams & Markus Puskar

Composer: Jared Silbernagel


Claire Kendall


Claire is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, hiker, snowboarder, and environmental artist. In addition to directing CKCP, she is currently pursuing a Masters in Environmental Policy and working in collaborative policymaking.

Brandon Welsh


Brandon is a mover, teaching artist, and creator with a passion for unleashing movement as a catalyst for social change. Brandon recently moved to Longmont from Chicago is soon to be a father!

Anhthi Maria Lindsey


Anhthi is originally from Pennsylvania a professional dancer with Hannah Kahn Dance Company and arts admin extraordinaire. She is also soon to be a mother!

Katarina Lott


Katt is a dance artist, performance-art maker and educator. She is also a Colorado native, founding member of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret, and on her way to receiving her MFA.

Kate Gomez Moore


Kate discovered her love of dance at the age of 2 in her early childhood homes of Chicago and Costa Rica. Now a MFA student, Kate is also the founder of AND Co. Movement.

Ross Freeman


Ross is originally from Kent, Washington and recently moved to Colorado to join Boulder Ballet. In addition to his BFA in dance, Ross also has a BA in linguistics.

Ross is performing with us courtesy of Boulder Ballet.

Veronica Goldberg


Veronica is a ballerina gone rogue, as she has danced with both ballet and contemporary companies all over the state. She loves the Buffalo Bills, is a Southern Sun regular, and also works in Behavioral Science.

Katie Wiegman


Katie is a dancer and a puppeteer from New Mexico and Miami. She is the ultimate creative and goes above and beyond to bring her ideas to life.

Kingdom Jasmine


Bob plays groovy tunes all around the Boulder/Denver area and is also a part owner of Pearl Convinence.

Aaron Lande


Aaron is a private chef in the Boulder area. He has also been a restaurant owner and was a consultant on Rosetta Hall.

Queen of Air


Queen of Air is a local Colorado DJ who plays events all over the front range.

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