Alpine Artist Collective

Formerly Claire Kendall Creative Projects

Human / Nature

New Year, New Us

Claire Kendall Creative Projects is now Alpine Artist Collective! We felt that this name fit better with who we are as a collaborative arts organization. But don’t worry, Claire’s not going anywhere and we are still the same spunky group of artists that we’ve always been!

Our Mission

is to connect humans and nature through art.

Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team of artists, united by our shared love of the natural world. We are dancers, musicians, poets, painters, puppeteers, performers, creators, designers, educators, advocates, and more.

Upcoming Projects

Coming April 2023

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We are building a community on Patreon! As a member, you’ll be so much more than a subscriber, you’ll be part of the collective. We are stronger together, for there is no art without community and no planet without people.

Beyond Sustainability: Reciprocity

We are proud to be a part of an environmental movement that is intersectional, just, and built on principles of reciprocity. This means giving back to both the environment and the community.


Volunteering with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.


Climate Class donations to Environmental Justice organizations.


Working to reduce emissions and eliminate environmental and social harm.

Lets Get to Know Each Other

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Photography by Machmer Media

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